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The Fourth Ascent

Since 2006, and beyond politicians and the media for nothing more than to gain power, have used hate, lies, and misinformation to divide the people of world using racism to fuel the fire. There will always be raciest through out the world, what’s important to understand is it exists on both sides of the fence. It rears its ugly head from communities of Black, Red, Yellow, and White minorities of people. What I have experienced in all the years I have spent on this earth is, it is not systemic.

Toward the end of the fourth ascent Wakáŋ Táŋka, the Great Mystery (God) told Black Elk, “Hundreds will be sacred; hundreds will be flames” (In Lakota thinking, flames represent the consumption of a persons negative thinking). What is happening at this very moment in time is, the people find balance between the Positive and Negative, “hundreds will be sacred; hundreds will be flames.” It is time for us all to make the choice, sacred or flames.

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